• First Look at the Manda, 1962
  • Drakensberg Mts 1962

    Drakensberg Mountains 1962

  • Crompton at the Peabody

    AW Crompton, Director, Yale Peabody Museum, 1965

  • Fuzz Fest Group

    The "Fuzz Fest," a Conference and Festschrift in honor of Dr. AW "Fuzz" Crompton, 2004.

  • Crompton, Werth, and Gatesy

    Professors Fuzz Crompton, Alex Werth, and Steve Gatesy at the FuzzFest, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

  • Anjan Bhullar, Grad

    Yale Professor Bhart Anjan Bhullar's Graduation from Harvard

  • Hypothetical pharyngeal musculature of Morganucodon

  • The common opossum, Didelphis Virginiana, showing intranarial larynx

  • Stereo views of Massetognathus, MicroCT based 3D reconstruction